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With wide interest across the platforms in varied sectors for collaboration, association, national- international partnerships, strategic alliance, affiliation, global online network partnerships, advertising, endorsement, under banner acquisitions, and services availability . Please connect with interest and other details. For Unified theory of management- UMC, UMD  - management of the organisation can connect with mentioning subjectline seperatley .Advertisers and sponsers, public bodies can write to get associted with. 

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[email protected]

India unit one 

MJC directorate

PBN: Mehta Mathematics Research Institute

Allahabad 18 UP INDIA

Pin No-5000

India unit two


PBN: 3875

Hyderabad 38 AP INDIA

Pin No-500034

Development centre 

MJC software dev. 

Bangluru ,Gurgaon ,New Delhi 

Foregion Affairs 

PBN: 6789

Mumbai Maharastra INDIA

Extention Nodes 

Worldwide, Asiapacific(singapore)