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Centre for music electronics ,sound engineering , music and information 

Technology is especially the use of electronic devices and computer software to facilitate the performance. Music technology is connected to both artistic and technological creativity constantly striving to devise new forms of expression through music, and physically creating new devices to enable them to do so. Although the term is now most commonly used in reference to modern electronic devices. In the computer age, It has greatly increased, and it may now be mechanical, electronic, software-based or indeed even purely conceptual. Here music technology is usually concerned with the creative use of technology for experimental music situations to create new sound possibilities. Music technology includes many forms of music reproduction. Music and sound technology refer to the use of sound engineering in both a commercial or leisurely/experimental manner. Music technology and sound technology may sometimes be classed as the same thing, but they actually refer to different fields of work, the names of which are to some extent self-explanatory, but where sound engineering may refer primarily to the use of sound technology for media-logical purposes.